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Day Hospital: what makes us different

The Paediatric Day Hospital has progressively incorporated new techniques and procedures to ensure that the treatment of our patients interferes as little as possible in their daily lives. Changes have also been implemented to improve the environment and treat the patient's medical needs whilst ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Child-friendly space

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has recently renovated its facilities. The design of the space simulates a forest in which the cubicles and individual rooms ensure privacy for patients and their families. The open space also allows children to be accompanied by a relative. The communal areas include play areas and other forms of entertainment. Hospital clowns visit the space every day to help make the stay more pleasant for children and their families and to collaborate with the nursing staff during some procedures.

We care for patients from any specialty

Day Hospital patients come from different specialties, primarily Oncology and Haematology. We also treat patients with chronic rheumatological or respiratory diseases or who are referred from other specialties such as Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology or Dermatology. We have two rooms to treat patients with haemodialysis and we carry out tolerance tests when the child is suspected of having some type of allergy.

Pain-free hospital

We implement the pain-free hospital programme in the small procedures, along with the rest of the Departments and Units of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital. The programme includes pharmacological measures such as the use of ointments, syrups or drops, as well as non-pharmacological measures such as distraction to minimise the pain of the children we treat.

National and international patients

This care unit offers treatment to paediatric patients with chronic, oncological and haematological diseases from various specialties. The number of patients from all over Spain and from overseas has been steadily increasing, matched by the highly specialised care they receive.