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A Guatemalan child with retinoblastoma, the first patient treated thanks to donations from the Pediatric Cancer Center

The fundraising campaign, which has achieved the funds needed to start building the future childhood cancer centre, is now collecting donations so that children around the world can be treated

15 February 2019
One of the retinoblastoma patients at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital
Douglas, the first international patient treated in the setting of the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona

A child from Guatemala suffering from a retinoblastoma (childhood cancer of the retina) is the first patient treated in SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital thanks to donations received through the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona campaign. As a consequence of this cancer of the retina, he has already lost one eye, and is in danger of losing the other. Douglas’ family has no way of accessing the suitable treatment in their country (which the child will receive in Barcelona), although subsequent follow-up in his home city is possible.

An international cooperation programme in childhood oncology

Now that the funding required for the construction of the building has been collected, the #paralosvalientes (forthebrave) campaign now enters into a second phase, focused on solidarity programs with a view to treating patients from other countries, in addition to research and to supporting surviving patients. Currently, one in every four children with cancer treated by the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital comes from outside Spain, although the vast majority (73%) continue to be children and adolescents from Catalonia or other autonomous communities who receive treatment financed by the public health service. These patients and their families arrive seeking pioneering treatments that address the most complex cases.

The SJD Pediatric Cancer Center cooperation programme, thanks to which Douglas can be treated in Barcelona, adheres to the philosophy of the Cuida’m international cooperation programme, but in this case focusing on pediatric oncology. Thanks to donations, the programme can cover the expenses arising from each case, which will be selected in line with specific criteria by an assessment committee.

The committee, made up of specialists, will carefully evaluate each case seeking to be financed with donations from the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center. The objective is to ensure that the patients who benefit are those who need it most, for both clinical and economic reasons. In this regard, a main requirement for agreeing to the study of the case has been set: a comprehensive report from the oncologist treating the child in his/her home country.

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
A Guatemalan child with retinoblastoma, the first patient treated thanks to donations from the Pediatric Cancer Center