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Jannette Gambettola Lorenzo

Jannette Gambettola Lorenzo, nurse SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Jannette Gambettola Lorenzo

English, Spanish and Catalan

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Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Clinical child audiologist
Expert in:
Subjective and objective assessment of hearing in pediatric patients, speech therapy and planning of cochlear implants

English, Spanish and Catalan

I have dedicated a large part of my professional career to the field of child audiology, which I am passionate about. I have been working at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital for more than 10 years. I am an expert in subjective and objective audiological assessment, ranging from very early ages to adolescence. As a cochlear implant planner, I have worked as a stand-in in the implant centre; a field in which I am particularly knowledgeable. I constantly seek to overcome new challenges and learn, both personally and professionally.

You'll find me in

Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)


  • Certificate of specialisation in Audiology. Universidad de Salamanca, 2013–2014.
  • Senior Advisor in Hearing Aids, Escola Politécnica Clot (Barcelona), 2001–2003.
  • Certificate in Speech Therapy, Universidad de La Laguna (S/C Tenerife), 1996–1999.

International experience

  • Visiting Audiologist in the Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, (Canada), May 2016.
  • Humanitarian visits with the Fundación Clarós, working as an audiologist. Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), October 2010.
  • Stay at the Hôpital universitaire des enfants Reine Fabiola, in the Cochlear Implants and Pediatric Clinical Audiology Department.
  • Stay in the Centre Auditif Laperre child and adult prosthetic adaptation centre. Brussels (Belgium) from May to September 2003.
  • Stay in the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Rotation in the Clinical Audiology Department, Audiology Department.

Scientific activity

Participation in the following articles:

  • Clinical relevance of a standardized global assessment in cochlear implants in pediatric recipients. MA. Claveria, J. Gambettola. 
  • Cochlear implants and magnetic resonance: the importance of compatibility in pediatric recipients. O. Haag, J. Gambettola, N. Coll, M. Rebo.
  • Pediatric cochlear implant interdisciplinary committee: who? when? why? How? hen? Why? How? Our experience.   Ma. Clavería, J. Gambettola, N. Col.
  • From universal hearing screening to cochlear implant…and beyond. J. Gambettola, Y.Torres, A. Muller, Ma. Clavería, S. Cardelús, J.


  • Lecturer of the Top Ten course in Pediatric Audiology, Auditory Assessment Module. Theoretical and practical training. SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, since 2018.