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Laboratory Service for professionals

The Laboratory Service of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital offers the healthcare professionals who use its services relevant information for the correct clinical diagnosis and monitoring of patients.

Our specialists analyse biological samples of various origins with a wide range of laboratory techniques, under a strict quality assurance system.

In the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital's laboratory, we cater to the orders of physicians at this site and at the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

We also fulfil requests for analyses and studies from other centres. We receive 280,000 orders each year, generating some 2 million measurements or analyses.

Our central facilities are located at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital. We also have a basic laboratory at the Parc Sanitari in Sant Boi de Llobregat, which performs urgent blood and biochemistry analyses and microbial studies. Both laboratories coordinate their activities and share services.

The laboratory is registered in the Registry of health centers, services and establishments of Catalonia with the number H08000875.

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Service portfolio

Thanks to the specialised nature of our technical and clinical environment, we have access to benchmark procedures and techniques, which we also offer to external centres. Our catalogue of specialist tests can be viewed below.

For healthcare professionals - How can we help?

If you are patient and want to request a result, please Contact in the Practical Info space.

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Access to results (restricted to clients)

The status of the requests we make can be queried by means of our Consult IT application. You will need a user name and password that will be provided to you beforehand in order to access it.