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Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine: specialties

Rehabilitation allows children to recover or improve function and thus interact more easily with their environment.

The rehabilitation physician is a specialized professional in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which has extensive training in brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal injuries. It aims to enhance and restore functional ability and life quality of people who have some kind of disability. Is an expert in the development of comprehensive treatment programs focused on the patient and performs the coordination of the entire team of professionals involved in it.

Main patient rehabilitation specialties

Rehabilitation physician

We offer treatments to rehabilitate patients and improve their life quality in cases of cerebral, spinal and musculoskeletal injury.


We treat motor, muscle-tone, coordination, posture and balance abnormalities. We provide respiratory physiotherapy suited to each child's disease and age.

Occupational therapy

We counsel and train for activities of daily living (involving food, clothing, transfers, etc.) in order to achieve maximum patient autonomy.

Speech therapy

Experts in speech disorders due to acquired brain injuries, attention deficits or memory deficits. We offer a theatre programme as a therapeutic tool.

It is not covered by public health