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Sleep disorders

When children's sleep is insufficient, in quantity or quality, it affects their normal development. Cognitive functioning and alertness are diminished, and behaviour and emotional regulation are negatively affected. 

It is quite common for children with neurodevelopmental disorders to be sleep deprived, which has a clear negative impact. 

Resisting going to sleep, having difficulty initiating sleep, waking up at night and taking a long time to get back to sleep, or being drowsy or irritable during the day may be indicators of a possible sleep disorder.  

It is very important that children with learning or neurodevelopmental behavioural disorders receive an accurate diagnosis of their sleep disorder. Correct and specific treatment is key for other treatments to achieve maximum benefit, as well as being essential for their physical, cognitive and emotional health. 

To achieve this, School Learning Disorders Unit of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has the collaboration of AdSalutem, a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified health professionals who are well aware of the importance of sleeping well in order to enjoy good health. Experts in sleep medicine and committed to finding specialised and personalised therapeutic solutions according to the needs of each patient. 

Some of the diagnoses are:

  • Insomnia.
  • Sleep/wake rhythm disorders.
  • Parasomnias.
  • Movement disorders during sleep.
  • Respiratory disorders during sleep.
  • Hypersomnias.

What do we offer at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital?

Diagnostic tests

Videopolysomnography VPSG
Sleep questionnaires


Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia
Chronotherapy and light therapy
Pharmacological treatment
Indication of surgical treatments for respiratory disorders

Progress monitoring

Follow-up visits depending on the needs identified