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Spaces for your use

Games Room

For children playing is a necessity, so being in hospital must not prevent them from doing so. The Hospital's Games Room for admitted children, located in Sector B5, is open every day from 10h am to 1h pm and from 4h pm to 6h:45 pm, approximately. Here volunteers also organise lots of workshops and activities to ensure that our patients always have the opportunity to play.

Chapel and space of silence

You will find the chapel in Sector B2. It is open all day, with a daily mass. The times are given on the notice board next to the chapel. There is also an area for confession, prayer, retreat, meditation and silence.

Charity shop

By buying in the “La Botigueta” shop, you will be collaborating in the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital's projects. Many of the products are handmade and have been donated with the good will of well-wishers: The friends of “La Botigueta”. You can find it in the main hall (Sector B2).