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Luis García Aparicio

Paediatric surgeon
Head of the Paediatric Urology Unit

Expert in

Paediatric urology. Minimally Invasive Surgery in urinary disorders. Neurogenic bladder, hypospadias and bladder exstrophy

You will find me at


English, Spanish, Catalan

I trained as a paediatric surgeon at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital. After my training (through a Resident Medical Internship) I continued at the same Hospital as an attending physician, specialising in paediatric urology. Then I was able to perform minimally invasive surgery in the field of paediatric urology. After all these years of experience I have obtained the European Certificate in Paediatric Urology which recognises those who meet the standards required by the European Community to practice Paediatric Urology, both in terms of patient care and in the teaching and scientific fields. I am currently Head of the Paediatric Urology Section of the Department of Surgery. 


  • Fellow of the European Academy of Paediatric Urology (FEAPU).
  • Fellow of the European Board of Paediatric Surgery (FEBPS). 
  • PhD in Medicine. University of Barcelona, 2014.
  • Specialist in Paediatric Surgery (through Resident Medical Internship training). Hospital Clínic-SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital integrated unit. University of Barcelona, 2002.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine. Teaching Unit of the Hospital Clínic i Provincial, Barcelona. University of Barcelona, 1995.

International experience

  • Pediatric Urology Dept. Miami Children's Hospital. Florida, United States, 2013.

Scientific activity

  • L. García-Aparicio, E. Blázquez-Gómez, O. Martin, S. Pérez-Bertólez, J. Arboleda , A. Soria, X. Tarrado.  Randomized clinical trial between polyacrylate-polyalcohol copolymer (PPC) and dextranomer-hyaluronic acid copolymer (Dx/HA) as bulking agents for endoscopic treatment of primary vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) World  J Urol 2018 DOI: 10.1007/s00345-018-2314-7.
  • L. García-Aparicio, E. Blázquez-Gómez, A. Vila Santandreu, JA Camacho, J. Vila-Cots, M. Ramos, I de Haro, O. Martin, X. Tarrado. Routine delayed voiding cystourethography after successful endoscopic treatment with Dx/HA of vesicoureteral reflux. Is it necessary? Actas Urol Esp  2016; 40(10); 635-9.
  • L. García-Aparicio, E. Blázquez Gomez, I de Haro, M. Bejarano, N. García-Smith, O. Martin, J. Rodó. Postoperative vesicoureteral reflux after high pressure balloon dilation to treat primary obstructive megaureter. Incidence, predisposing factors and management. World  J Urol 2015; 33: 2103-6.
  • L. García-Aparicio, E. Blázquez-Gómez, O. Martín, L. Krauel, I de Haro, J. Rodó. Características bacteriológicas y significado clínico de catéteres ureterales doble J en niños. Actas Urol Esp 2015; 39:53-56.
  • L. García-Aparicio, E. Blázquez-Gómez, O. Martín, A. Manzanares, N. García-Smith, M. Bejarano, J. Rodó, JM. Ribó. Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty in patients less than 12 months. Is laparoscopic approach safe and feaseble? J Endourol 2014; 28(8): 906-8.
  • L. García-Aparicio, O. Martín, E. Blázquez-Gómez, P. Palazón, A. Manzanares, N, García-Smith, et al. Use of high-pressure balloon dilatation of the ureterovesical junction instead of ureteral reimplantation to treat primary obstructive megaureter: Is it justified? J Pediatr Urol 2013; 9: 1229-1233.

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  • Coordinator on the Master's Degree on Training in Surgical Techniques for Paediatric Surgery. University of Barcelona.
  • Lecturer on the subject of Renal Transplantation on the Master's Degree in Advanced Medical Skills. University of Barcelona.

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