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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Passeig Sant Joan de Déu, 2, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat

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Profesionales trabajando en una cirugía en los quirófanos del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

In the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital' Surgery Department we treat all surgical pathologies with the most innovative techniques.

In the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital' Surgery Department we treat all surgical pathologies: malformations, infectious, inflammatory or oncological nature from the general, digestive, thoracic, urological, plastic and maxillofacial areas in children and adolescents. This care includes a wide range of procedures, from the simplest, which can be conducted as an outpatient, to the most complex.

The Hospital has an impressive antenatal diagnosis programme, making it possible to plan the most suitable treatment for different congenital pathologies, including fetal therapy intrapartum surgery and postnatal surgery.

In recent years, our Department has been prominent in the implementation and development of different procedures, particularly in minimally invasive surgery. The ultimate aim of these innovative techniques is to obtain the best clinical results, lower surgical aggression, swifter recovery, and the incorporation of patients and their families to normal activity.


Our Plastic Surgery Unit is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Health as a leading department on a national level (CSUR accreditation) in the reconstructive treatment of the pinna (microtia).

Why SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital?

We are a leader in Spain and internationally in Paediatric minimally-invasive Surgery (MIS)

We are a leader in Spain and internationally in Paediatric minimally-invasive Surgery (MIS), mainly in laparoscopy and thoracoscopy.

Treatments adapted to the needs of the patient and his family

We do this not only to achieve technical excellence but also to keep the process of surgery from being a traumatic experience for patients and their family members.

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Our activity


Surgeries per year


Endoscope-assisted surgery


Outpatient surgeries (without admission)

Specialties and services

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Pathologies we treat

Gastro-oesophageal and hiatus hernia reflux
Chrohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis
Hirschsprung's disease
Ano-rectal malformation (ARM)
Intestinal duplications (oesophageal, gastric, duodenal, intestinal)
Esophageal achalasia
Pulmonary malformations
Thoracic wall deformities
Hyperhydrosis (sweaty palms)
Serious ventricular arrhythmias
Genital surgery
Cleft lip and palate
Breast malformation
Gastric volvulus
Intestinal malrotation
Meckel’s diverticulum
Vesicoureteral reflux
Spontaneous pneumothorax
Pleural empyema
Lung abscess
Oesophageal duplication
Oesophageal atresia
Tracheoesophageal fistula
Abdominal wall defects (gastroschisis and omphalocele)
Meconium disorders (blockage, ileus, peritonitis)
Necrotising enterocolitis
Nephroblastoma (Wilms’ Tumour)
Germinal tumours
Thyroid tumours
Congenital cysts
Spleen cystectomy
Adhesiolysis (post-operative flanges)
Treat nonpalpable testis
Urachal remnant diseases
Cysts and ovarian tumours

Treatments we offer

Digestive paediatric surgery
Paediatric chest surgery
Foetal surgery
Oncological surgery
Genital surgery
Breast surgery
Maxillofacial surgery
General and outpatient surgery
Feeding gastronomy
Thoracoscopic pulmonary resections (lobectomy and segmentectomy)
Laparoscopic intestinal resections
Laparoscopic intestinal resections and reconstructions with ileo-anal reservoir
Orthopaedic corset
Open surgery (Ravitch-Welch)
Placing of a retro sternal bar (Nuss)
Thoracoscopic sympathectomy
Thorascopic sympathetic cardiac denervation
Oesophageal replacement
Amputation of solid tumours
Thoracic and abdominal
Mandibular and facial distractions
Orthognathic surgery

Complex surgeries in the intelligent surgical block

The surgical block at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital

Our professionals

“Most of the time, surgery on the child will enable us to cure them quickly and definitively.”

Margarita Vancells Garrido
Paediatric surgeon
Jordi Prat Ortells
Paediatric surgeon
Laura Saura García
Pediatric surgeon
Pedro Palazón Bellver
Paediatric surgeon
Miguel Bejarano Serrano
Paediatric surgeon
Ramon Badosa Pascual
Social worker

Patients stories

"At Sant Joan de Déu they have cured Daniel of a lung malformation that put his life at risk"
“An oesophageal replacement have made it possible for Naia to have a normal life now”
“This maxillofacial surgery technique will be the standard in most countries in the medium term”


The Surgery Department is undertaking research through two SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital research groups:

  • Research group studying the Molecular Biology of developmental tumours
  • Research group studying adulthood diseases that originated in the womb or the first years of life.

Surgical planning with 3D technology

This Service, which coordinates different surgical specialities, participates actively in the 3D Unit of the Hospital. Within the framework of this commitment to three-dimensional printing and surgical planning, tests are being carried out with different materials in the surgical field. We perform simulations to test complex surgeries and reduce surgical time and postoperative admission of patients.


SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is a university hospital affiliated with the University of Barcelona, and so we share our knowledge and train professionals to specialise in high-complexity medicine. Since 2004, our center is one of the three Spanish hospitals certified in Europe for the specialists training in pediatric surgery of the UEMS (Union of European Medical Specialists).

Undergraduate teaching for Paediatrics students

Theoretical and practical teaching of Paediatrics students as part of the Degree in Medicine from the University of Barcelona.

Postgraduate training in Paediatric Surgery

We are an accredited centre in Spain for the training of specialists in Paediatric Surgery within the Specialized Health Training Program (MIR Program). Consult the training places and the information about the MIR of Pediatric Surgery.

We are one of the only three centres in Spain authorised to provide postgraduate training as a Paediatric Surgery specialist training centre by the European Board of the European Union of Medical Specialist (UEMS).

Surgical simulation programme

Part of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, Barcelona's DARWIN programme offering internal training to professionals.


Specialisation course in the comprehensive management of patients with cleft lip and palate, including live surgeries.