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Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Allergy and Clinical Immunology We diagnose and treat all types of allergies and primary and secondary immunodeficiencies. We offer comprehensive care to children and their families

In the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Department and the Clinical Immunology and Primary Immunodeficiency Unit, we treat children from 0 to 18 years of age with all types of allergies and immunodeficiencies.

We have the European ERN RITA accreditation on primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmune diseases.

Our paediatric specialties


We treat paediatric patients with all types of allergies: respiratory, food or drug. We use treatment with immunotherapy when indicated.

Primary Immunodeficiencies

Currently, more than 300 types of PID have been identified, requiring highly specialized management, in both diagnosis and treatment.

Secondary immunodeficiencies

We treat patients with immunodeficiencies due to immunosuppressive or immunomodulatory treatments, in the case of children undergoing transplants.

What makes us different in Allergies in children

  • In 2015, we carried out 10,500 visits; more than 42 visits per day.
  • We are a center of excellence in food allergies. We treat more than 100 children with oral immunotherapy every year. Our cure rates, after this treatment, exceed 70%.
  • We consider health education to be fundamental, in both food and respiratory allergies, to prevent Emergency Department admissions. 
  • We offer multidisciplinary management of eosinophilic oesophagitis.
  • We are a center accredited by the European Union of Medical Specialties (UEMS) to offer pediatricians training in Allergies and Clinical Immunology.

Our figures in the treatment of allergies and immunodeficiencies

Every day
Treatments with oral immunotherapy
children every year
Cure rate
after treatment with oral immunotherapy

Benchmarks in Clinical Immunology and primary immunodeficiencies

  • We have one of the few specialised units in Paediatric Clinical Immunology in Spain. We are a reference center for the treatment of primary immunodeficiencies in Spain accredited by the Ministry of Health (CSUR) and one of the two reference centers in Catalonia in the care of pediatric patients affected by this group of rare diseases, forming the network of units of clinical expertise (XUEC) in primary immunodeficiencies. We monitor patients with primary immunodeficiencies from Catalonia and the rest of Spain, as well as international patients.
  • We have extensive experience and diagnostic capacity thanks to the highly complex laboratory of the Hospital Clínic, and the specialist care offered to patients suffering from immunodeficiencies. Our paediatric hospital, together with the Hospital Clínic as a centre for adults, has promoted the SJD-Hospital Clínic Clinical Immunology Unit, established in 2011 and currently being strengthened. Thanks to this agreement, we can also offer a programme for transition to adult life.
  • The Unit works with highly specialised diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Through the cellular therapies platform, we offer pioneering immunotherapy-based treatments for patients with very diverse immune-mediated diseases (immunodeficiencies, both neurological and autoimmune, among others); as well as oncological and infectious diseases.
  • We work with a case management nurse who coordinates and monitors patients who, particularly in primary immunodeficiencies, are often chronic and are under multidisciplinary management, owing to which they require resources and coordination between different primary and secondary healthcare professionals, schools and psychosocial care.
  • The Clinical Trial Unit allows access to treatments for rare diseases. The knowledge amassed over the last decade enables us to offer optimised treatments and respond with increasing accuracy to each clinical condition.
  • We are recognised by the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID) to be able to deliver teaching in the field of primary immunodeficiencies.
  • We collaborate with the “Associació Catalana de Dèficits Immunitaris Primaris” (ACADIP), the Catalan Association for Primary Immunodeficiencies, of which Dr Laia Alsina is a medical advisor. 
I was always tired, but we never suspected it was any type of disease. The diagnosis was quick. Now I'll be able to receive treatment at home and I won’t have to come to the Hospital.
Aitana, patient of the Clinical Immunology and Primary Immunodeficiencies Unit