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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is our commitment to the needs of different areas of society.

The content of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital's Strategic Plan, “Paidhos 2012”, states that its vision is to be a hospital that fosters a culture based on the values of hospitality, solidarity and sustainability, in line with the institution's corporate responsibility.


  • To be recognised as a centre of excellence in maternal and child care that ensures local accessibility to its activity and leads the way in specialised care.
  • To be an open organisation consisting of a network of centres, services and new technologies that offer comprehensive, locally accessible, reliable, transparent and personalised care, ensuring the value of hospitality as a standard.
  • To be a centre that sets itself apart through its ability to research, innovate and teach, and through its positive impact on the community.
  • To be an institution that combines a sustainable and efficient model in the management of its resources with the value of solidarity.

To achieve the vision set out, the strategic map is grouped into 9 large areas to develop specific initiatives.

Although a focus on social responsibility cuts across most of the key strategies on the map, 4 of them have content specifically geared towards implementing the hospital's CSR policy.

Strategics keys Paidhos