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Movement Disorders: what makes us different

The Movement Disorder Unit at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital provides the most accurate diagnosis possible, applies new treatments and conducts research to improve already existing treatments and find new therapeutic targets.

We are involved in several research projects

We are leading a line of studies on genetic and metabolic movement disorders. We currently lead six national and international projects (link to research). We have published more than 80 medical articles in indexed international journals.

Personalised assessment and comprehensive care

As a national reference centre for movement disorders, we treat children and adolescents in all the autonomous communities. Our Unit offers a multidisciplinary approach as different specialists are involved in the process of diagnosing, treating and monitoring each patient. Furthermore, we ensure the continuity of medical care throughout adulthood thanks to our collaboration with Hospital Clínic in Barcelona.

We are specialists in neuromodulation

Deep brain stimulation can be used in children, however there are still few paediatric centres that use this technique. The Movement Disorder Unit at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is a national pioneer in treating patients with dystonia and myoclonia who do not respond to other therapies. The effectiveness of neurostimulation depends on the root cause of the movement disorder, therefore it is important to establish patient screening criteria to ensure the intervention is successful.