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The data indicate that the child population has an overweight and obesity problem (31% of children in Spain, compared to 34% of children in the United States)

Initial date

01 Jan 2013

End date

31 Dec 2016


3 years



The project

According to scientific studies (New England Journal of Medicine, 2011), obese children have a 5,4 times higher risk than non-obese children of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus when they are adults.

An analysis by McKinsey (2014) on obesity in the world (“How the world could better fight obesity”) noted that the problem of obesity, which is preventable, is multifactorial. 

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is treating more than 500 patients for obesity. The data indicated that 40% would not come back following the first visit, since obesity is not socially considered to be a disease. 

PrevenGo is a hybrid health programme (technology + professionals) that aims to increase children's adherence to treatment (diet and exercise).

Each family is given two monitoring devices (Fitbit or Garmin fitness trackers), one to the child and the other to the parents. This digital intervention is accompanied by the help of a specialist (nutritionist, expert in lifestyle changes) who supports and motivates children and their families throughout the programme.

With the PrevenGo problem, not only do patients become active and involved, but so do their family members, through lifestyle changes, monitoring and professional help. In addition, it is a great way to prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

Current status

Pilot conducted with 40 children (2013 - June 2016).


External innovation (co-innovation project between Sanofi and the Hospital). For our part, leadership has fallen to Dr. Marta Ramon Krauel (Head of the Endocrinology Department), Marina Llobet (dietician/nutritionist in the Endocrinology Department), Maria Jesús Leal (dietician/nutritionist) and Marina García (nurse).