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Acupuncture: what makes us different

Acupuncture can be effective in treating certain problems derived from specific or chronic diseases and also in relieving pain. The healthcare professionals at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital are vastly experienced, allowing them to adjust the techniques and the duration of the treatment to the needs of each patient.

Personalised treatment

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital provides acupuncture services that are adapted to the diseases or conditions of each patient, particularly the youngest ones.

Paediatric care

In the case of children, we try to avoid the use of needles, if not strictly necessary, for the treatment of pain or childhood diseases; if it is required, the minimum number possible are used. Otherwise, priority is given to Tuina massage, finger pressure, moxibustion or moxa, none of which use any kind of puncture.

Diversity of techniques

The application of each treatment responds to the needs of each patient. The diversity of options in traditional Chinese medicine means it is possible to choose between different procedures in order to achieve the best results.