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Allergy and Clinical Immunology: research

In the last 5 years the Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has participated in numerous studies and research projects.

Study group for diseases caused by Immune Dysregulation in children

(GRE 2014/SGR1531). Recognised by the Catalan agency “AGAUR” as an emerging group.

Competitive research projects 

  • FIS12/01990. Study of primary and secondary defects of the IL12-dependent interferon-gamma-TNF-alpha pathway susceptible to infection from intracellular microorganisms. 
  • FIS15/01094. Modulating factors of primary immunodeficiency susceptible to severe infections from intracellular bacteria in children. 
  • Projects funded by the industry 
    • Clinical immunology: 4 
    • Allergy: 8
  • Publications: 26 publications in high-impact journals.

All team members actively participate in various scientific societies, such as Spanish Society of Paediatric Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (SEICAP), whose Dr Ana María Plaza is the current chair, the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), whose Dr Montserrat Alvaro is the secretary of the Paediatric Board, and the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID) in which Dr Laia Alsina takes part on the Clinical Working Party.