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Dermatology: what makes us different

More than 30 years' experience

  • The Pediatric Dermatology Department at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has been dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail and hair diseases in children and adolescents for more than 30 years. We have health professionals with nationally and internationally recognised experience in pediatric dermatology.
  • We treat more than 6,000 children with dermatological problems each year.
  • We treat the dermatological conditions of patients admitted to SJD Barcelona Children's hospital for other diseases.
  • We are pioneers in the diagnosis and treatment of haemangiomas, vascular (venous, lymphatic and arteriovenous) malformations, and overgrowth syndrome.

Multidisciplinary care focused on the child and their family

  • We take a holistic approach to each case, working in multidisciplinary teams with other specialists in pediatrics, with constant and direct communication, in order to get a global overview of children with rare dermatological conditions or more severe forms of more common diseases. As far as possible, we make sure appointments with different specialists are scheduled for the same day. 
  • The explorations we perform, as well as the diagnostic techniques and treatments we use, are suited to the patient's age.
  • We support patients with chronic dermatological conditions throughout the entire process and we work with adult hospitals to ensure that patients have continuity of treatment once they reach adulthood. If the condition affects other aspects of the child's health, we work as a team with specialists from other departments of our Hospital.

A leader in research and innovative treatments

  • The Pediatric Dermatology Department conducts numerous clinical research studies and takes part in most clinical trials involving new treatments for dermatological conditions.
  • We collaborate with European and American networks and registries, which allows us to be in the front line of the latest discoveries in dermatological diseases. 

Laser Unit

  • We are the only pediatric centres in Spain with different types of lasers for the treatment of vascular malformations, pigmented lesions, and epidermal nevi. 
  • Each year, we perform more than 200 laser treatments under general anaesthesia, ensuring they are painless. 

Recognition of our excellence

  • National Reference Centre for epidermolysis bullosa.
  • National Reference Centre for inherited disorders of keratinisation
  • National Reference Centre for genetic neurocutaneous syndromes
  • Members of the European Reference Network for Rare Skin Diseases (ERN-SKIN).
  • Collaborating member of the European Reference Network for Vascular Anomalies (VASCA-ERN).