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Guidelines before and during admission to maintain a safe hospital

Information for international patients

In order to attend to the arrival of new patients in this new normal, the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has adopted different measures to guarantee a safe and COVID-free hospital.

Among other measures, it is important to highlight that COVID-19 screening tests are carried out every two weeks to all professionals at the hospital to make sure that all people in contact with patients and their families are healthy and without risk of contagion.

Towards a safe and COVID-free hospital

Before and during hospital admission to the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, international patients should take into account the following guidelines.

Patients access to Barcelona today

  • Patients and accompanying family members are allowed to travel to Barcelona for medical treatment in our hospital without problem and no need to quarantine. The Hospital provides a letter to families to facilitate access through security checks at airport border crossing points and manages with Spanish authorities the entry authorization.
  • Our International Patients Department supports families to find a flight from their country, provide accommodation in our city and transfer from the airport to the Hospital or their accommodation.

Preparation of the trip and arrival at the Hospital

  • To minimize the number of people in the Hospital, only a maximum of two accompanying family members per patient may travel.
  • Approximately, 48h before starting the trip, the case manager will contact the family by phone to carry out a clinical screening.
  • It is recommended to perform a PCR test on the patient and accompanying family members between 2 and 7 days before travelling to our country. In case of a positive result, it is recommended to postpone the trip.
  • Upon arrival in Barcelona: a medical consultation - preferably 48h before admission / surgical intervention - will be carried out with the Infectious Diseases Service to assess the patient's situation and a screening test (PCR and serological tests) for the patient and the accompanying family members to confirm that there is no active infection.

In case of detection of results compatible with the COVID-19, the appropriate measures will be taken for the protection and safety of the patient, accompanying family members and health professionals.

At the hospital                                                                                                

Throughout the hospital, basic safety rules must be followed:

  • Frequent hand washing.
  • Use of mask throughout the hospital grounds.
  • Maintaining the safety distance.

During hospital admission

  • The accompanying family member must wear a mask in the room, especially when communicating with healthcare professionals. The mask is also mandatory to move around the Hospital.
  • You must stay as much as possible inside the room to avoid possible contacts and cross infections (outside the room, you must respect the basic safety rules indicated in the previous section).
  • In the case of surgical intervention, it is currently not possible to accompany patients until anaesthetic induction. Although it is emotionally difficult, safety will be prioritized.

On outpatient visits

  • The patient and the accompanying family members must wash their hands before and after the visit; the disinfectant hydroalcoholic solution is available at the different entrances to the Hospital.
  • Visit scheduling and waiting rooms will be organized to guarantee non-coincidence with other patients and accompanying family members, in addition to the safety distance.
  • Professionals will be duly equipped with the protection material according to the type of medical and/or nursing care to be performed.