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Sleep Disorders: what makes us different

There are other sleep units in Spain, but we at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital are the only national team that specifically cares for paediatric patients. This has enabled us to tailor the tests and treatments to children, whose sleeping problems that differ from those of adults.

We specialise in childhood insomnia

Sleep disorders in childhood may be linked to sleeping habits and routines. We have a multidisciplinary team to detect cases where there could be a physiological problem. We cover all stages of childhood, from newborns and early childhood up to adolescence.

We adapt the tests and treatments to each child

Our medical and nursing staff ensure, as well as the techniques and spaces we use ensure that our young patients feel comfortable during the diagnostic tests. We also tailor the treatment to the needs of the child and their family, especially with regard to behaviours and routines.

We provide comprehensive care

We treat children with sleep disorders and others such as neurological and pulmonological disorders which affect sleep. We receive or refer patients to specialists in the Otorhinolaryngology, Neurology and Psychiatry departments and the Pulmonology Unit, which are all involved in the diagnosis and monitoring process.

We are part of the Spanish Sleep Society (SES)

We work as part of a network with other national and international centres and we are involved in publications, multicentre studies and the preparation of clinical practice guides.