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Arrhythmias: what makes us different

What makes us different

Our excellence

  • We are the only reference centre in Spain in Paediatric Electrophysiology, recognised by the Ministry of Health with the CSUR accreditation.
  • Our Head of Unit is one of the world’s most acclaimed experts in the field of arrhythmias and sudden death, Dr. Josep Brugada Terradellas, who, together with his two brothers, doctors Pere and Ramon Brugada, identified the well-known Brugada Syndrome as a disease.
  • Our experience and dedication has led us to be acknowledged at international level as well. 24% of our patients are from outside the European Community.

Our prevention capacity

  • We apply monitoring systems to patients to ensure that the doctor is aware of the patient’s vital signs 24 hours a day in order to be able to react rapidly or even pre-empt any risk situation.
  • In families in whom there has been a case of sudden death, we do genetic studies to detect whether any of their children are carriers of the disease.
  • We also collaborate with the patient’s immediate medical setting as we believe that integrative medicine is the best way of controlling a disease that is frequently chronic.
  • We also have training programs for relatives and schools in which, among other things, cardiopulmonary reanimation (CPR) techniques are taught.​

Our experience and efectiveness

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Surgical procedures
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Cardiac ablations
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Immediate effectiveness
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