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ERN (European Reference Networks)

The European Reference Networks for rare diseases (known as ERNs) are part of the European Commission’s initiative whose purpose is to put in contact professionals and researchers with a high degree of specialization in certain rare diseases, low prevalence, and complex pathologies.

The objective of these "virtual networks" is to discuss the diagnosis and the best possible treatment for patients with rare diseases throughout Europe, contribute to the study of these pathologies, and offer the highest quality of care.

The ERN accreditation requires the centers that are part of the network to serve as a point of research and knowledge, to participate in the scientific studies, to offer treatment to the patients of all the member states, and to have suitable facilities to be able to do it. The network works to disseminate services and expertise within the European Union.

List of ERN accreditations of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital

The professionals at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital are involved in 21 European networks for complex diseases that affect children. The following is a list of the clinical departments and units acknowledged as reference centres for rare diseases as full members.

How the ERN work

This video explains to patients affected by rare, low prevalence and complex diseases, what are the European Reference Networks (ERNs) and how they can support them to identify their diagnosis or treatment, in case their healthcare professional considers that support of the ERN is necessary.