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ERN (European Reference Networks)

The European Reference Networks for rare diseases (known as ERNs) are part of the European Commission’s initiative to improve communication between health centres that are highly specialised in certain rare diseases. The objective is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, contribute to their study and provide the highest quality of care.

The ERN accreditation requires the centres that make up the network to serve as a hub for research and knowledge, to contribute to scientific studies, to treat patients from all member states and to have suitable facilities for this purpose. The aim of the network is to spread these specialised services and knowledge throughout the European Union.

List of ERN accreditations of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital

The professionals at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital are involved in 14 European networks for complex diseases that affect children, which include cancer, epilepsy and heart, endocrine and neurological diseases. The following is a list of the clinical departments and units recognised as reference centres for rare diseases.

Full members

  • PaedCan-ERN: Paediatric Cancer (Haemato-Oncology). Oncology and Haematology Department.
  • ERN GUARD-Heart: Gateway to Uncommon and Rare Diseases of the Heart. Heart Department.
  • Endo-ERN: Rare Endocrine Conditions. Endocrinology Department.
  • MetabERN: Rare Hereditary Metabolic Disorders. Neurology Department.
  • EURO-NMD: Rare Neuromuscular Diseases. Neurology Department.
  • ERN GENTURIS: Genetic Tumour Risk Syndromes. Oncology and Haematology Department.
  • ERN-RND: Rare Neurological Diseases. SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital and Hospital Clínic  group. Neurology Department.
  • ERN-Skin: Rare and Undiagnosed Skin Disorders. SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital and Hospital Clínic  group.  Dermatology Department.
  • EpiCARE: Rare and Complex Epilepsies. SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital and Hospital Clínic  group. Neurology Department.

Affiliate members