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Innovation projects

These projects have been co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund ERDF with the support of ACCIO - Generalitat de Catalunya.

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Hospital Líquido 4.0: Expert digital system of comprehensive personalised paediatric patient care

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is leading this project, which aims to advance the organisational and care changes implemented by the Hospital towards more proactive, collaborative and personalised medicine, using the ICTs as a lever of change.

The project intends to increase the scientific evidence of the efficiency and effectiveness of digital technologies as key tools in the provision of health services.

This project "Hospital Líquido 4.0 (HL4.0)" is divided into 2 large work areas:

  1. To identify and aggregate all health data generated inside and outside the hospital (both those already existing in the HCE: clinical, genomic, biomedical images or other hospital systems, such as those generated by the patient through on-line health communities, mHealth, etc.) and exploit them with Big Data systems and analysis to support clinical decision-making and research.
  2. To ensure a multichannel approach in the care model and provision of services, making the transition from a reactive model based on "receiving and managing calls" without information of the interlocutor, towards a model of proactive and informed management of the health of patients and the population.

Participating entities: Vodafone, ALAMO, i2CAT, HSJD, FSJD

Reference No.: COMRDI15-1-0015

Grant awarded: 702,310.58 euros

Start date: 15 October 2016

ACADOM, ensuring continuity of home care

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is leading this project, which aims to facilitate the continuation of care in the area of rehabilitation therapies through telemedicine.

To this end, a system will be developed that will have differential and highly innovative features in the field of home rehabilitation.

Intelligent systems, suggesting therapy itineraries and automatically adapting as the patient progresses, and voice recognition systems will be used. These functionalities are especially complicated in the case of children with severe cognitive and speech difficulties due to conditions such as Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) or Specific Language Impairment (SLI).

Participating entities: Itchycoo-Labs, Verbio, Omada Interactiva, i2CAT, HSJD, FSJD

Reference No.: COMRDI15-1-0026

Grant awarded: 631,792.12 euros

Start date: 15 October 2016