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Innovation projects

The operation is part of the ERDF Operational Programme of Catalonia 2014-2020, has a budget of 386,237.22 euros and has a co-financing from the budget of the Administration of the Generalitat of 193,118.61 euros

Generalitat de Catalunya - Fons FEDER

Paediatric Computational Imaging Node (PEDIATRIC_ICON)

The Paediatric Computational Image Node operation (PEDIATRIC_ICON) is part of the project called 4locaLHealth Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness, Research, Innovation and Health in the territory through personalized medicine.

Its main objectives are to be a benchmark in computational and quantitative paediatric imaging; to promote excellence in care and research at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and the use of new technologies to improve image processing; to create new opportunities for the exchange of knowledge that will serve to consolidate the environment as a benchmark in personalised medicine. 

Project co-financed 50% by the European Regional Development Fund 2041-20 of Catalonia with the support of the Departament de Recerca i Universitats.

Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament de Recerca i Universitats - Fons FEDER


The emerging group BASE 3D, coordinated by CIM UPC, is a group of research centers created to promote research, technological development and innovation in 3D Printing, and which propose is to increase the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of various lines of additive manufacturing research.

SJD Barcelona children's Hospital leads the project FUSE3D - Technologies for material deposition.

Fuse3D focuses on the improvement of parts shaping systems by deposition of hot material in semi-molten or pasty form, mainly applicable to plastic, metallic or mixed materials (plastic / metallic / ceramic / inorganic). Materials that can be presented alone or hybridized to acquire new functionalities or make their processing viable through more efficient and sustainable methods, benefiting from the advantages provided by Additive Manufacturing and opening up new areas of uses and applications hitherto unexplored.

Coordinated operation code/Project reference: 001-P-001646
Start date: 01/01/2019

The following project is co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund ERDF with the support of the Government of Catalonia through the Public Procurement of Innovation in Health programme.

Generalitat de Catalunya - Fons FEDER

Diabetes Centre of Excellence (001-P-001226)

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is leading this project in collaboration with Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí. The aim is to transform the provision of care in childhood diabetes services, achieving personalised medicine to meet each patient’s needs based on both their biological characteristics (clinical data) and their biographical characteristics (social context and level of clinical adherence).

The Diabetes Centre of Excellence project aims to promote technological development, innovation and quality research through the following points:

  1. Improving health outcomes in the population with type 1 diabetes.
    • Transforming the way treatment is provided so that patients with diabetes may receive personalised medical care.
    • Optimally applying the available technology (continuous subcutaneous glucose infusers) and introducing a new monitoring platform.
  2. Changing the processes and the relationship model with our patients, to become a reference for organisational innovation.
  3. Creating a model of international reference, to become the epicentre of an international collaboration network led from a hospital in Catalonia.

In terms of the project’s results, it is hoped firstly to create a new model for the diagnosis and treatment of childhood type 1 diabetes, based on a model of precision medicine, and secondly to create a new funding model based on a transfer of risk to the technology provider, through a relationship model with this provider based on the purchase of services and patient-reported outcomes.

Project duration: 5 years
Start date: 01/01/2019
End date: 31/12/2023
Funding: This project has been 50% co-funded (3,285,389 euros) by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Catalan ERDF 2014-2020 Operational Programme (PO FEDER Catalonia 2014-2020). Total Cost of the Project: 6,570,778 euros.
Principal investigators: Marta Ramon and Roque Cardona

These projects have been co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund ERDF with the support of ACCIO - Generalitat de Catalunya.

Logos ACCIÓ i Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional FEDER

Hospital Líquido 4.0: Expert digital system of comprehensive personalised paediatric patient care

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is leading this project, which aims to advance the organisational and care changes implemented by the Hospital towards more proactive, collaborative and personalised medicine, using the ICTs as a lever of change.

The project intends to increase the scientific evidence of the efficiency and effectiveness of digital technologies as key tools in the provision of health services.

This project "Hospital Líquido 4.0 (HL4.0)" is divided into 2 large work areas:

  1. To identify and aggregate all health data generated inside and outside the hospital (both those already existing in the HCE: clinical, genomic, biomedical images or other hospital systems, such as those generated by the patient through on-line health communities, mHealth, etc.) and exploit them with Big Data systems and analysis to support clinical decision-making and research.
  2. To ensure a multichannel approach in the care model and provision of services, making the transition from a reactive model based on "receiving and managing calls" without information of the interlocutor, towards a model of proactive and informed management of the health of patients and the population.

Participating entities: Vodafone, ALAMO, i2CAT, HSJD, FSJD

Reference No.: COMRDI15-1-0015

Grant awarded: 702,310.58 euros

Start date: 15 October 2016

ACADOM, ensuring continuity of home care

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is leading this project, which aims to facilitate the continuation of care in the area of rehabilitation therapies through telemedicine.

To this end, a system will be developed that will have differential and highly innovative features in the field of home rehabilitation.

Intelligent systems, suggesting therapy itineraries and automatically adapting as the patient progresses, and voice recognition systems will be used. These functionalities are especially complicated in the case of children with severe cognitive and speech difficulties due to conditions such as Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) or Specific Language Impairment (SLI).

Participating entities: Itchycoo-Labs, Verbio, Omada Interactiva, i2CAT, HSJD, FSJD

Reference No.: COMRDI15-1-0026

Grant awarded: 631,792.12 euros

Start date: 15 October 2016