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Nephrology: research and clinical trials

We take part in various paediatric studies and trials promoted by the industry or the Spanish Society of Paediatric Nephrology, as well as those of other adult services, particularly Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, with which we have a close relationship in research on kidney transplantation.

Collaborative and multicentre studies


Spanish Register of patients with chronic kidney failure before receiving replacement therapy.


National Register of patients on replacement therapy, dialysis and transplantation. 


Register of patients with chronic kidney failure in Catalonia.

These three patient registers, which contain anonymous data, help to assess the status of patients with kidney disease in Spain, methods of dialysis and transplant outcomes: organ donation, events that occurred, duration of graft, rejection, etc. With these results, the National Transplant Organisation can draft the annual public report.

Genetics and kidney disease

Cystinosis: Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN), AIRG-E, ORPHAN.

Lowe syndrome: CIBERER.

Collaborative studies 

Transition to adult hospital, clinical trials, multicentre studies, etc.

We participate in major national conferences: Spanish Association of Paediatric Nephrology, Catalan Society of Neurology, Catalan Society of Paediatrics, Spanish Society of Nephrology, etc.

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is one of the most experienced hospitals in Spain in the treatment of paediatric kidney diseases