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Nephrology: what makes us different

Our multidisciplinary focus

  • We work closely with other specialists from SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, including with the departments and units of Urology, Neonatology, Nutrition, Psychiatry and Psychology, Rheumatology, Genetics, Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging.
  • 70% of all the children we treat have rare diseases, and we work closely with the Hospital's Institute for Rare Childhood Disorders (IPER).

Always patient-centred

  • We work to minimise the impact of haemodialysis on children's daily lives. Peritoneal dialysis allows treatment to be done at home. Since 2000, we have led the way in paediatric continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis in Catalonia.
  • We promote living-donor transplantation. A quarter of the transplants we perform are from living donors, thus preventing the child from having to do dialysis.
  • We advise and guide paediatricians from other hospitals, which makes us a reference and support centre. We are in continuous contact with other local paediatricians and primary care paediatricians, to prevent our patients from having to travel long distances to our Hospital. Our goal is to be able to treat any condition, however rare and serious, at the patient's local centre by the nearest paediatricians, advised accordingly by us.
  • We make every effort to avoid having to admit the child to hospital, except in cases where it is absolutely essential. Our mission is to keep the dynamics of family and school as normal as possible. Many patients with rare, severe and chronic illnesses, after years of the disease, were admitted to Hospital only during diagnosis. 

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is one of the most experienced hospitals in Spain in the treatment of paediatric kidney diseases