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A new achievement for SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital announced at Abu Dhabi conference

Oncologists and surgery team during the presentation in Abu Dhabi

In a remarkable event held in Abu Dhabi, the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital showcased groundbreaking advancements in pediatric oncology, redefining the future of cancer treatment for children. At this event, esteemed doctors including Dr Jaume Mora, Dr Lucas Krauel-Gimenez Salinas, Dr Susana Rives, Dr Andrés Morales, Dr José Hinojosa-Mena-Bernal, and Dr. Ferran Torner Rubies came together to reveal revolutionary therapies that are offering new hope to young patients battling cancer.

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the new SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona, led by Dr Andrés Morales, MD, MHM. Dr Morales unveiled the center, the first single-speciality hospital in pediatric oncology in Spain and the second of its kind in Europe. This state-of-the-art facility treats more than 420 oncology children every year, providing them with specialized care and cutting-edge treatments.

In a race against time, specialists at the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona have pioneered CAR-T immunotherapy, a groundbreaking technique that is reshaping the landscape of cancer treatment. Dr Susana Rives emphasized the success of their CAR-T platform, which has treated over 100 patients, resulting in promising outcomes with remarkable tolerance. Additionally, for high-risk Neuroblastoma cases, Dr. Jaume Mora highlighted the success of Anti-GD2 immunotherapy, which has significantly improved prognosis for young patients.

The use of advanced 3D technology has empowered the hospital's surgeons to tackle complex tumors with unparalleled precision, ensuring optimal results. Dr. Lucas Krauel-Gimenez Salinas shared insights into their innovative approach, stating, "Our surgeons practice on 3D tumor models, ensuring the best approaches for successful surgeries." Dr. Jose Hinojosa-Mena-Bernal echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of intraoperative resonance for safer interventions in pediatric brain tumors.

In the realm of bone sarcomas, Dr. Ferran Torner Rubies demonstrated extraordinary limb reconstructions, ensuring both oncological control and functional aesthetics for young patients. Furthermore, the hospital’s molecular diagnostic platform is a significant milestone, predicting cases and tailoring treatments for enhanced results with minimal toxicity, ensuring a brighter future for every child.

SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona isn't just pioneering treatments; they are shaping the future of oncology. This pediatric significant event marks a the journey milestone in providing toward innovative, effective, and compassionate care to children battling cancer. Join us in celebrating these medical achievements as hope shines brighter than ever before.