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Success stories

The evolution of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital as a hospital that supports innovation explains the importance of forming part of and contributing to the growth of an ecosystem in the field of life and health sciences to drive value creation.

As a hospital, our innovation efforts since 2009 have gone through three stages:

  • Stage 1: we only worked with ideas provided by our professionals (e.g. BCN Innova from Dr. Joan Prat). 
  • Stage 2: thanks to the success in Stage 1, companies from other industries started to contact us to innovate with us, to co-innovate (e.g. the Miquelrius backpack). They asked us for our clinical knowledge.
  • Stage 3: since 2014, start-ups from the healthcare industry have been contacting us to work directly with us to develop their products. They ask us for our access to patients and our capacity to accelerate their process of taking their product to the market.

Origin of the innovation projects

Origin of the innovation projects