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Intensive Care / Critical Care Area

We care for children with serious problems that require complex monitoring and treatment.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital treats children with the most serious illnesses. The ICU consists of a medical and nursing team and assistants with solid training and specialisation in pediatric intensive care. Our technologically advanced facilities allow us to offer the best continuous clinical care to the critical patient in a space designed for the needs of the child and his family.

Our goal is to ensure that the child suffering from a serious illness receives effective care at all times. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, striving to maintain a high level of excellence at all times. We believe that the child and their family should feel welcome and informed at all times. Hospitality is a key feature of our hospital.

The Unit cares for patients who have a wide variety of complex conditions, including post-operative Cardiac Surgery requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology, patients with polytrauma or traumatic brain injury, encephalitis or metabolic encephalopathy. The highly-specialised members of this department belong to the Spanish Society of Pediatric Intensive Care (SECIP) and to the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC). 

Pediatric ICU activity

Children cared for
a year
Of those
had complex surgery
Of the patients
come from other hospitals
Derived patients
by pediatrics or specialities

We investigate in areas such as inflammatory markers, sepsis, non-invasive ventilation systems or the critical patient with inflammatory, cardiological or neuromuscular diseases, among others. Check the lines of research in Pediatric Intensive Care.


We improve the comfort of the patient and his family

The renovated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has 24 individual rooms and more than double the space of the old facilities. Most areas have windows and natural light. A specific rest room has been created for parents with office and personal hygiene area. All the rooms have a bed so that one of the parents can sleep next to the patient. There is space to leave belongings and a television that makes the stay more bearable. Two of the new rooms are positive pressure, for immunosuppressed patients, and one is negative pressure, for patients with highly contagious infections.

Technology applied to equipment and assistance

The new rooms allow privacy and are connected to permanent monitoring units. The medical equipment (pumps, respirators, monitors, etc.) is connected in a network to the computer system, which facilitates a remote and uninterrupted control of the critical patient. Continuous monitoring can be carried out thanks to an interconnected system of central monitors, control points at the foot of the bed and mobile devices with real-time data, which allow surveillance when the nurse is not in the room. The centralization of data allows everything to be registered in the system, improving security and traceability.

Opinions of families about the Pediatric ICU

Some families who had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu have given us their opinion Alba, patient of the hospital, has lived in the first person as a patient in critical condition and considers that the new ICU is larger and offers more privacy. "There is natural light and you can see what time it is, that helps a lot," he explains. The father of Mateo, values ​​the technology of the new spaces and that the companions can rest. In this case, he emphasizes: "You can feel a little like at home, which for children is something very, very important."

When the child or his parents are unwell, the whole team supports them so that they can move on. Our son has managed to do so, after six months of hospitalization for severe heart disease.
Elisabeth, mother of Gabriel, a patient admitted to the paediatric ICU of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital