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Orthopaedics and Traumatology

We are specialists in child Orthopedics and Traumatology. We treat complex pathologies of the locomotive system.

The Orthopaedics and Traumatology Department studies and treats traumatic, congenital and acquired disorders in the locomotive system from birth until eighteen years of age. In the case of traumatic pathology, patients are usually treated up to twenty-one years of age. We are pioneers in highly complex interventions, including scoliosis surgery, limb reconstruction and micro-surgery.


Sports injuries

We treat all manner of sports injuries. Among others, anterior cruciate ligament injuries in children, meniscus, osteochondritis, kneecap problems and injuries. We carry out minimal invasive procedures and arthroscopy.

It is not covered by public health

Percutaneous surgery

We carry out percutaneous foot surgery, endoscopies and operations using the least possible number of incisions. We treat toe, flat foot and pes cavus (high arch) deformities, among others.

It is not covered by public health

Spine: scoliosis surgery

We are the hospital that carries out the highest number of scoliosis operations in paediatric patients in Spain, with a correction of spinal curvature approaching 90%. We receive patients from all over the world who suffer from spinal curvature.

It is not covered by public health

Micro-surgery of the nerve and the brachial plexus

Vascular microsurgery to reconstruct limbs damaged by tumours, injuries, infections, etc. We treat obstetric brachial palsy and carry out surgical reconstruction with transplant tissue.

It is not covered by public health

Paediatric hand surgery

We treat paediatric pathologies and malformations in the upper limbs. We treat thumb hypoplasia, syndactyly and polydactyly, in addition to clubhand and cloven hand, among other problems.

It is not covered by public health

Hip surgery in adolescents

We treat all types of hip disorders with the most specialised reconstruction techniques. We use 3D simulation technology in complex cases.

It is not covered by public health

Surgical activity

Scoliosis surgery
patients treated each year
Vascularised tissue transplantation
in 2017
Cruciate ligament reconstruction
cases per year
Complex surgeries
planned with 3D technology

Highly specialised in complex Traumatology and Orthopaedics

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is a national reference centre, both for the complexity of the cases that are treated as well as its success rate and volume of patients. We are experts in scoliosis, brachial plexus surgery, clubfoot treatment and treatments with PRP growth factors. In 2017 we treated approximately 100 complex cases. According to functional assessment scales, our Service outcomes achieve total recovery in over 95% of cases.

How to get your child admitted to SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital