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Cardiology and Heart Surgery

In the Heart Area we have the best experts to treat all manner of cardiac illnesses.

The Heart Area comprises the different departments which provide services to patients with diseases: the Cardiology Department and the Heart Surgery Department.

Our professionals diagnose and treat babies, children and adolescents who present with congenital structural heart defects, arrhythmias and cardiac electric conduction disorders, and congenital or acquired heart pathologies from the fetal stage to adulthood.

We strive to offer the patient the best possible treatment with the standards of the best hospitals in the world. We are one of the areas with the lowest surgical mortality rates in Europe, as well as a very low re-operation rate. 

Our outcomes

We see more than
children with heart disorders
We perform more than
successful surgeries every year
Our survival rate after surgery is higher than

Less than 1% of our patients need to undergo further surgery in the immediate postoperative period due to complications.