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Neurosurgery: research and teaching


Committed to research, our professionals have a multitude of scientific articles published or in development.

We are part of the BRAIN project:

  • Preoperative navigation and real-time 3D navigation in the operating room. Dr Hinojosa Mena-Bernal; Dr Munuera del Cerro.
  • Anatomical-functional correlation in eloquent motor and language areas using pre- and intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging and navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation. Dr Hinojosa Mena-Bernal; Dr Becerra Castro; Dr Climent Perín; Dr Muchart López; Dr Candela Cantó.

We collaborate with the Oncology Department in other projects such as:

  • Trial Concept Intercontinental YC-MB LR MB. 
  • SIOP EPENDYMOMA II: An International Clinical Program for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Children, Adolescents and Young Adults With Ependymoma (Phase II-III) - BE
  • We also collaborate with the Achondroplasia Unit in the various tests they carry out.

We have action protocols for the different pathologies.

Our technology at the service of science: We evaluate our results and share our experience in order to improve that of other centres.

Teaching activities

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is a university hospital affiliated with the University of Barcelona, taking part in the training of medical and nursing professionals. As it is a leading national centre in a multitude of pathologies, we receive residents from both the Spanish MIR (Hospital Resident) system, as well as already trained specialists from many parts of the world who want to carry out internships with us.

Learn with us

Our doctors lead several training, master's and postgraduate courses, in accredited training specialities. We work with the University of Barcelona to offer you the very best of our knowledge.