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Sports Medicine: specialties


Medical examination

Certifies sporting ability and rules out contraindications to practising sport.

Stress testing

Optimises sporting performance by evaluating the state of health in situations of physical stress.

Sport nutrition

We help the athletes to improve their diet and adapt it to the load of their workouts in a totally personalized way.


Children with asthma who want to practise sport require a specific evaluation.

Women and sport

Constant, personal medical advice on the health needs of female athletes. We counsel women in the different stages of life, especially adolescence and pregnancy.


Medical advice for athletes on their physical condition and health status, as well as in light of injuries.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

After an injury or in light of certain physical complaints when practising sport, mobility can be recovered through post-injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound

We assess the state of muscles, joints and ligaments at the time to reach a better diagnosis.

Other services

  • Psychological evaluation.
  • Podiatric evaluation.
  • Sport as a therapy.
  • Growth study.
  • Ecoguided biological therapy (PRP).
  • Compartment pressure measurement.