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Neonatology: what makes us different

Vast experience 

  • Each year, the Neonatology Department at BCNatal cares for more than 200 premature infants under 32 gestational weeks and around 80 premature infants under 28 weeks (weighing less than 1,000 grams at birth). Most of these premature babies are born in our maternity wards, which deal with a large number of high-risk pregnancies. BCNatal cares for more extremely premature infants each year than any other facility in Catalonia.
  • At SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital , not only do we treat 20-25 infants with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) and roughly 100 patients with congenital heart disease each year, but we also perform 120-130 surgeries in the neonatal period .
  • We have the best surgeons, who perform highly complex operations from the first day of the baby's life. The Cardiovascular Surgery team that treats children and adolescents is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Health as a national reference centre (CSUR). We work closely with the team performing minimally invasive surgery at the hospital.
  • Our goal is to avoid any future consequences to the infants we treat. We are experts in detecting neurological (brain ultrasound and MRI) and sensory (impaired vision and hearing) problems early on.
  • We have preventive treatments (active hypothermia), monitoring programmes for at-risk infants, early care and other methods that promote the development of newborn babies. 

The best environment

  • Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) takes great care with environmental aspects for babies, including light, noise and handling, always respecting the need for rest.
  • A specialist nurse is responsible for welcoming the parents of hospitalised newborns, to provide them with health education and tell them about the “I'm going home” programme before hospital discharge.
  • We offer home care with follow-up by our professionals whenever we consider that this is the best environment for the baby's development.

Family-centred care model 

  • Our NICU is open 24 hours a day for families, so that we can foster contact and that special bond between babies and their parents. We focus on personalised care for babies, centred on their development and the family. Our professionals are NIDCAP-accredited.
  • We lead the way in kangaroo care, which allows skin-to-skin contact between the newborn and the mother or father. 
  • We promote breast-feeding even in the most complex cases. We have a milk bank for infants who for some reason cannot receive milk from their mothers.
  • Our clinical psychologist and social worker care for families' psycho-social needs. 

NIDCAP – three decades of training and support