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We treat all surgical pathologies with the most innovative techniques.

In the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital' Surgical Departments we treat all surgical pathologies of a malformational, infectious, inflammatory or oncological nature from the general, digestive, thoracic, urological, plastic and maxillofacial areas in children and adolescents.

This care includes a wide range of procedures, from the simplest, which can be conducted as an outpatient, to the most complex.

The Hospital has an impressive antenatal diagnosis programme, making it possible to plan the most suitable treatment for different congenital pathologies, including fetal therapy intrapartum surgery and postnatal surgery.

In recent years, our Department has been prominent in the implementation and development of different procedures, particularly in minimally invasive surgery. The ultimate aim of these innovative techniques is to obtain the best clinical results, lower surgical aggression, swifter recovery, and the incorporation of patients and their families to normal activity.

What makes us different?

  • We perform more than 4,000 operations per year, an average of 16 per day. Nearly half of them are outpatient surgery.
  • Our Plastic Surgery Unit is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Health as a leading department on a national level (CSUR) in reconstructive treatment of the pinna (microtia).
  • We are a leader in Spain and internationally in Paediatric minimally-invasive Surgery (MIS). We exceed 600 operations per year with laparoscopy and thoracoscopy.
  • We do this not only to achieve technical excellence, but also to keep the process of surgery from being a traumatic experience for patients and their family members. Our professionals make every effort to establish and maintain good relationships with patients and ensure that they have the support of professionals such as our child-life specialists (nurse and psychologist) and of the Pallapupas.
  • When possible, we let the parents accompany the child during induction of anaesthesia.