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Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics

As pioneers in fetal and neonatal medicine, we care for the health of the mother and her baby.

At the Woman's Area of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital we bring together expertise from several different areas to offer world-leading care as part of BCNatal since 2013.

  • BCNatal integrates the maternal-fetal medicine departments of two first-class university hospitals: SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Europe, and Hospital Clínic, a general hospital ranked among the world’s best.
  • We are a fully comprehensive clinical centre offering state-of-the-art healthcare to mothers and their babies.
  • We attend over 7,000 births per year, making BCNatal one of the largest clinical and research centres dedicated to mothers and their unborn children in Europe, hosting expertise in normal childbirth, treating the most complex and rare maternal and fetal problems, and everything in between.
  • All our activity is focused on the mother and child: we offer personalized care adjusted to the specific risks of each pregnancy.
  • Our work follows clinical protocols which are continuously updated according to the best scientific evidence. Our protocols are consulted online more than 60,000 times a month by physicians from other hospitals and are followed by hundreds of institutions worldwide.

Highest safety levels with the best experience

For normal pregnancy and delivery, our main goal is to achieve the highest safety levels with the best experience for mother and child, ensuring a personalized and respectful treatment in childbirth.

Fetal medicine and surgery programme

In our multidisciplinary Fetal Medicine and Surgery referral programme, we attend thousands of cases referred both from Spain and abroad for the evaluation of fetal problems. We are pioneers in fetal surgery, having applied several techniques for the first time globally and have one of the most comprehensive experiences in the world in this field.

World-class research and innovation centre

As a world-class research and innovation centre, we generate an important part of the scientific knowledge that we continuously apply to improve our practice and to increase the safety of mothers and babies. 


Spina bifida

We ensure the best experience through follow-up and accompaniment during the whole process.

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia

We are pioneers and experts in the prenatal treatment of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

CHAOS syndrome and other problems of airway obstruction

We are specialists in the complex treatment of airway obstruction problems by fetal surgery.

Face and neck fetal tumors

We performed the first national fetal surgery for this complication 20 years ago and have been leaders in this area ever since.

Monochorionic twin pregnancy complications: Twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

We are pioneers in TTTS surgeries and research, developing studies, improving treatment techniques and classification systems.

Monochorionic twin pregnancy complications: TRAP sequence

Our multidisciplinary team of experts offers the best care and treatment options for this rare condition of monochorionic twin pregnancies.

Monochorionic twin pregnancy complications: Other

We have vast experience in the different treatment options for monochorionic twin pregnancy complications.

It is not covered by public health

Monochorionic twin pregnancy complications: Selective intrauterine growth restriction (sIUGR)

Our team of surgeons has extensive experience in the treatment of all types of sIUGR, from milder to the most complex cases.

Fetal urinary obstructions — LUTO

We use a pioneering system of 3D simulation of fetal urinary obstruction to practice a surgery before performing it, minimizing the necessary surgical time and the associated risks.

Prenatal therapy for congenital heart disease

Thanks to the broad expertise of our surgeons we are one of the few centers in the world that can offer fetal therapy for heart defects.

Amniotic bands

Our prenatal team works with a large number of trained specialists on the postnatal treatment of such injuries.

Fetal anaemia

We have more than 30 years of experience in the treatment of fetal anemia and have performed more than 1,000 intrauterine transfusions.

Pleural effusion or hydrothorax

We have more than 20 years of experience in the treatment of fetal hydrothorax, a rare complication for which an experienced team is crucial.

BCNatal outcomes

More than
annual births
More than
specialised fetal explorations
Cesarean section rate in low-risk pregnancies
BCNatal integrates the maternal-fetal medicine departments of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and Hospital Clínic.