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Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics: Pregnancy

Our main objective is for pregnant women to feel comfortable and share one of the best moments in their lives with us and their families.

These are special moments, and we would like for you to be always accompanied by the person of your choice during your visits, while you undergo ultrasounds and, ultimately, at any time during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital follows the MARE programme, a model that respects maternity and distinguishes us in obstetric, pregnancy, birth and postpartum care

Childbirth experience in SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Are you in the final stretch of pregnancy? We explain the real experience of childbirth and postpartum of two of our patients. Each year the Women's Area assists more than 3,200 deliveries. We also have a reference Neonatal Unit. Our specialists will accompany you and inform you at this stage of your life and at the beginning of your baby's life.

Tha baby's layette

Consult what you should bring to the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital if you have decided to give birth in our center. We explain what’s necessary for the mother, the baby and her companion during the stay at our maternity ward after birth.

How to register the newborn baby at the hospital

We explain which is the first legal process you must complete, which documents you must provide, in what period and which cases are excluded from the service. If you choose to register your son or daughter in SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, you must do it during the 72 hours after the birth. Find out before coming.

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is your hospital