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Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics: Quality Monitoring

At BCNatal's activity in the Women's Area of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, we work to provide healthcare based on scientific evidence, safety and quality, accompanied by the best experience for the mother and child. Humaneness, knowledge and teamwork are the values helping us to achieve excellence in care. Participation of families in our work groups helps us to understand and meet their expectations.

Main features that characterize our centre

Pregnancy protocols
  • All our practice is performed according to protocols, which are updated every 3 years.
  • We have audit systems to ensure protocol adherence and reduce clinical variability.
  • Our protocols are an international reference. Accessible online in Spanish, they are consulted more than 60,000 times each month.
Clinical sessions to ensure better decision-making

We conduct several weekly clinical sessions and all important cases are discussed and analysed by a group of expert professionals.

Continuing training and simulation sessions

In addition to continuous training sessions, all professionals must attend simulation sessions once or twice a year to receive training in how to deal with rare emergency situations.

Quality and Safety Committee
  • This committee performs a continuous analysis of all safety incidents, complaints and quality indicators that are part of the Healthcare Quality Dashboard, with comparative evolution against previous years.
  • A newsletter is produced every 6 months.
  • Clinical safety cases are selected and presented to the service on a monthly basis to establish lines of work and improvement.
Fetal and perinatal mortality committee

A multidisciplinary committee issuing a report to affected families, with a final diagnosis and recommendations for future pregnancies if applicable.

Annual strategic plan

BCNatal professionals meet annually to assess how to improve clinical quality and patient care. This meeting sets out the yearly goals, lines of work and their indicators.