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Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics: Research Excellence

At BCNatal’s we continuously search for answers to open questions about pregnancy and birth

  • With almost 100 researchers, BCNatal has one of the largest international scientific productions in the field of maternal-fetal medicine.
  • We have developed better and safer healthcare protocols, new diagnostic techniques and methods, and new treatments for the fetus.
  • We have tested and refined in our own practice most of the medical innovations and improvements that we offer our patients.
  • We publish over 70 scientific articles per year in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.
  • We continuously present our novel discoveries in international congresses. 

We perform our activity as part of the Women's Area of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and the Hospital Clinic.

BCNatal Reseach

If you want to know more about our scientific activities visit our dedicated research web.