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Surgery: specialties

We are specialists in:


We apply minimally invasive techniques in the following pathologies: Digestive duplications (oesophageal, gastric, duodenal, intestinal), oesophageal achalasia, gastrostomy feeding tube, gastric volvulus, cholelithiasis, intestinal malrotation, Meckel’s diverticulum. 

Gastro-oesophageal and hiatus hernia reflux

We apply laparoscopic anti-reflux techniques in the treatment of sporadic gastro-oesophageal reflux, reflux associated with hiatus hernia, or to different underlying pathologies (encephalopathy, oesophageal atresia, etc.).

Chrohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis

We form part of the multidisciplinary Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit. We carry out laparoscopic intestinal resections and reconstructions with ileo-anal reservoir in colectomised patients.

It is not covered by public health

Hirschsprung's disease

The vast majority of cases of this illness, also named congenital megacolon, are treated exclusively via the endorectal route without leaving any visible scarring. In extensive forms, the procedure is performed laparoscopically.

It is not covered by public health

Ano-rectal malformation (ARM)

We treat all manner of ano-rectal malformations, from the slightest to the most complicated. When necessary, we apply an intestinal management programme to improve faecal continence in patients.

It is not covered by public health


We apply minimally invasive surgery techniques in the majority of thoracic pathologies in children including spontaneous pneumothorax, pleural empyema, lung abscess, oesophageal duplication, oesophageal atresia, tracheoesophageal fistula, congenital or acquired diaphragmatic hernia (Bochdalek, Morgagni, incisional hernia).

Pulmonary malformations

We carry out thoracoscopic pulmonary resections (lobectomy and segmentectomy), generally in prenatal diagnosis cases. This approach significantly reduces the post-operative stay and avoids deformities associated with thoracotomy.

It is not covered by public health

Thoracic wall deformities

We treat deformities of the thorax (pectus excavatum and carinatum), depending on the type of grade, with an orthopaedic corset, open surgery (Ravitch-Welch) or the placing of a retro sternal bar (Nuss).

It is not covered by public health

Hyperhydrosis (sweaty palms)

In cases of hyperhidrosis of the palms of the hands, we apply a definitive technique: thoracoscopic sympathectomy.

It is not covered by public health

Serious ventricular arrhythmias

When a patient with long QT syndrome or catecholaminergic ventricular tachycardia does not respond to pharmacological treatment, we offer a thorascopic sympathetic cardiac denervation to reduce the possibility of serious arrhythmias.

Oesophagus replacement

We operate on patients without a viable oesophagus, owing to congenital causes (atresia of the oesophagus) or acquired causes (cauterisation or burnt oesophagus), in order for the stomach or colon to perform the function of this organ.


We have extensive experience in the ante- and post-natal handling of relevant neonatal illnesses such as, for example, abdominal wall defects (gastroschisis and omphalocele), meconium disorders (blockage, ileus, peritonitis), necrotising enterocolitis, etc.

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia

After antenatal monitoring and foetal therapy (when indicated), we operate on diaphragmatic hernias, either laparoscopically or by open surgery, depending on the case.

It is not covered by public health


Surgery on the cardio-pulmonary life support system, making it possible to establish extra-corporeal oxygenation in patients with severe heart and/or lung disorders.

It is not covered by public health

Fetal surgery

Extensive experience ante- and post-natal handing of other surgical neonatal illnesses, such as abdominal wall defects, meconium disorders, necrotising enterocolitis, etc.

It is not covered by public health


In the multidisciplinary treatment of oncology patients, we perform amputation of solid, thoracic and abdominal tumours, and multiple additional surgical procedures for haematology and oncology patients. We work in partnership with the Oncology and Haematology teams, as well as with the Hospital’s 3D Unit.

Oncological surgery

We perform surgery on solid cervical tumours, thoracic and abdominal tumours: neuroblastoma, nephroblastoma (Wilms’ Tumour), germinal tumours, sarcomas, thyroid tumours, etc.


We use minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopy and cystoscopy) in many pathologies of the urinary system: nephrectomy and heminephrectomy, primary obstructive megaureter, urethral valves, etc. Among the complex surgeries, we treat neurogenic bladders and bladder exstrophy in a multidisciplinary way. 

Vesicoureteral reflux and Megaureter

We treat obstructive or reflux disorders of the vesicoureteral union by endoscopy (cystoscopic puncture, balloon dilation) or by open surgery.

It is not covered by public health

Pyeloureteral stenosis

Laparoscopic dismembered pyeloplasty is a procedure indicated to correct the obstruction of the urinary tract on leaving the kidney.

It is not covered by public health

Genital surgery

We treat all manner of genital malformations: epispadias, sexual differentiation disorders, etc. We are experts in one-stage surgery of severe hypospadias.

It is not covered by public health


Microtia (malformation of the ear)

We are a reference centre in Spain for the reconstruction of the pinna. The Microtia Functional Unit (UFIM) is staffed by surgeons, otolaryngologists and psychologists.

Cleft lip and palate

We are a national benchmark hospital in the integrated treatment of cleft lip and palate: we have a multidisciplinary approach from birth to adolescence with orthodontics, speech therapy and maxillofacial surgery.

It is not covered by public health

Microfat grafting

We use this method in the treatment of lipodystrophy, allowing fat to be extracted from certain areas of the body by liposuction, and placing it into other areas.

It is not covered by public health

Breast surgery

We treat breast malformation, such as gynecomastia, Mammary hypoplasia and Poland syndrome.

It is not covered by public health

Maxillofacial surgery

We are a national benchmark hospital in the integrated treatment of cleft lip and palate: we have a multidisciplinary approach, with orthodontics, speech therapy and neurosurgery. We perform mandibular and facial distractions and orthognathic surgery

Each year we perform over 2,000 interventions in General and Outpatient Surgery. We prioritise outpatient and minimally invasive techniques wherever possible. We treat general paediatric pathologies including inguinogenital, abdominal and congenital cysts.

We also perform splenectomy and spleen cystectomy, adhesiolysis (post-operative flanges), and treat nonpalpable testis, urachal remnant diseases, varicocele, cysts and ovarian tumours, among others.