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We prevent, diagnose and treat disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system in children and adolescents.

In the Paediatric Neurology Department, we have a team of highly specialised professionals with extensive experience in all manner of childhood neurological disorders. If the illness affects other aspects of the child's health, we work as a team with specialists in other departments of our Hospital. 

Intensive work is undertaken on research, which means that we are up-to-date with the latest technical advances. We are currently participating in 28 studies  and 14 clinical trials, which enables us to make progress in knowledge on and treatment of many neurological illnesses. 

Our care transcends neurological pathology itself, we identify the behavioural and cognitive consequences and offer comprehensive care to patients and their families.

We have specific pathology-dependent programmes. We have specialised units for the treatment of certain neurological illnesses, such as neuro-metabolic illnesses, muscular illness, refractory epilepsies, sleep disorders, headaches, developmental problems, disorders within the autistic spectrum, movement disorders, neuro-immunological and neuro-infectological illnesses, among other pathologies.

Our department has been recognised by the Ministry of Health as a reference service (CSUR) in the treatment of: refractory epilepsy, hereditary ataxias and hereditary paraplegias, metabolic illnesses, movement disorders, neuro-muscular illnesses and neuro-ectodermic syndromes.

In addition, the Spanish Society for Paediatric Neurology and the University of Barcelona have entrusted us with the training of future paediatric neurologists.

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