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Neurology: specialties

We are specialists in:

Neuromuscular Diseases

We treat patients with all types of neuromuscular illnesses and we initiate treatment in some patients suffering from Duchenne's disease and spinal atrophy, among other disorders.

Metabolic Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of paediatric patients with congenital errors of metabolism with genetic base. We offer comprehensive care to the patient and the family.


Our Epilepsy unit receives more than 100 children and adolescents suffering from difficult-to-control epilepsy a day. We have advanced diagnostic technology.

Neuro-developmental Disorders

We address all manner of neuro-developmental problems. We have a multidisciplinary unit specialised in Rett's Syndrome and other genetically based rare illnesses.

It is not covered by public health

Early Stimulation

We have an early stimulation unit to diagnose and particularly treat children under the age of 6 with psychomotor development difficulties an/or cerebral palsy.

Disorders within the autistic spectrum

A multi-disciplinary team of neurologies, psychiatrists and psychologists, experts in the diagnosis of these disorders, treat and guide the diagnosis and therapeutic options.

It is not covered by public health

Movement Disorders

There are an enormous variety of problems which can cause movement disorders. We have a team which is experienced in infantile movement disorders.

Educational Learning Disorders

We diagnose and attend to children with dyslexia, attention deficit with or without hyperactivity, dyscalculia, dysphasia and Aperger's Syndrome, among other disorders.

Sleep Disorders

We conduct an initial evaluation plan and, if considered appropriate, we conduct a study of sleep and/or a test of multiple latencies to diagnose and prescribe a treatment.


We have a specific unit which treats patients with vascular illnesses, immune-mediated neurological illnesses, neuro-infectious illnesses and/or inflammatory illnesses.
  • Conventional electroencephalography (with or without sleep)
  • Polysomnography, 24-hour EEG video monitoring of patients who are candidates for epilepsy surgery
  • Visual evoked potentials
  • Auditory, somaesthetic and motor
  • Electromyography
  • Neurography