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Cardiology and Heart Surgery: specialties


We perform congenital heart defect surgery on newborns, infants and adolescents. Heart defects are diagnosed and treated early with minimal hospitalisation so that the child's life can go back to normal as soon as possible. 

Currently, our outcomes are better than the European average (European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Registry) and equivalent to leading centres worldwide such as Boston Children's Hospital. The survival rate for our cardiac surgery patients is 98.8%. 

Heart surgery on congenital malformations

We treat congenital heart diseases and other less frequent heart diseases as soon as possible to prevent serious consequences in the child.

It is not covered by public health

Fetal and pediatric cardiac catheterisation

The scant invasiveness of therapeutic catheterisation allows patients to go home on the day of the intervention, or the following day.

Ablation for childhood cardiac arrhythmias

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital Arrhyrthmias Unit is the reference centre for the treatment of childhood arrhythmia treatment in Spain (CSUR).

Fetal cardiology

Beside obstetricians specializing in fetal medicine and neonatologists from BCNatal, we offer a global approach as a Unit that includes the control of pregnancy, a cross-sectional approach to heart disease and postpartum follow-up and control.

Pediatric Intensive Care

Specialists in pediatric and neonatal intensive care work so dedicated in managing patients with cardiovascular disease.