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We collect and analyse patient samples in order to provide useful information for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of each disease.

The Laboratory Department at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital provides relevant information for the clinical diagnosis and the therapeutic monitoring or follow-up of each patient. From the analysis of various biological samples, we issue the reports on which the medical specialists base their decisions.

The laboratory team is made up of specialists in Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics and Transfusion Medicine who serve all areas of the hospital. They carry out their activities observing strict quality controls and in three operational process phases:

  • Pre-analytical phase: our work materials are biological samples of varied origin (blood, biological fluids, urine, faeces, etc.). Their correct collection, storage and preparation prior to analysis are determining factors for the reliability of the information obtained at the end of the process. The most common type of sample is blood collected by venipuncture (blood extraction).
  • Analytical phase: the analytical methods that are used cover a wide variety of laboratory techniques. Some of them require significant manual work while others are completely automated. All  require specialist technical personnel, the correct maintenance of each of the instruments involved and the application of quality controls.
  • Post-analytical phase: all results obtained are supervised, evaluated and interpreted by specialists from each clinical area of the laboratory, who are part of the medical teams treating each patient.