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Oncology and Haematology: teaching

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is auniversity hospital affiliated with the University of  Barcelona, and so we share our knowledge and   train professionals to specialise in  high-complexity medicine.

Master’s degree in Paediatric Haematology

Training through the University of Barcelona aimed at graduates in Medicine and Surgery specialising in Paediatrics. This is a comprehensive course in Paediatric Haematology including theoretical and practical training in all areas of this discipline as defined by the American Society of Paediatric Haematology for Haematology qualifications.

Duration: 2 years
Management: Dr. Ofelia Cruz Martínez and Dr. Susana Rives Solà
Qualification: Master's Degree (awarded by the University of Barcelona)
Accreditation: 125  ECTS credits

Learn with us

Our doctors lead various training courses, master and post-graduate, in accredited training specialities. We work with the Universitat de Barcelona to offer you the very best of our knowledge.