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Psychiatry and Psychology: our facilities

Psychiatric hospitalisation unit

This unit, created more than 15 years ago, has been increasing its capacity as demand for admission has been increasing. Since late 2009, it has occupied a hospital annex called ITAKA, which has four floors each covering nearly 500 m2. Its facilities were designed according to a care model that seeks to become a leader in the field of child mental health and minimise the impact of hospitalisation on children.

Outpatient services - Clinical specialisation units

The outpatient services of the Psychiatry and Psychology Department are organised as specific programmes implemented within the department or in collaboration with other hospital departments. They constitute what are called clinical specialisation units (CSUs).

These units, which belong to the Mental Health and Addictions Network, offer a portfolio of services complementary to community care resources and provide support in complex diseases and emerging problems.

Outpatient services are located on the ground floor of the ITAKA building. They consist of 12 consulting rooms, a secretary's office, a multi-purpose room and a classroom.


Psychiatric emergencies are treated in the general hospital emergency department. It has a consulting room adapted for psychiatric patients. Since 1999, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has been the leading centre in Catalonia for psychiatric emergencies in children and adolescents (0-18 years of age). A child psychiatrist is available 24 hours a day.

Crisis unit

We treat patients who have arrived via the Emergency Department and need quick monitoring of diagnostic matters, therapeutic regimens and changes in risk factors or protection. Patients without a therapeutic link to the healthcare network are treated and this link is developed. After 1-3 visits, the patient is referred to the appropriate healthcare resources depending on the situation.

Outpatient units

Child/Youth Mental Health Centres (CSMIJs)

Our department has five Child/Youth Mental Health Centres throughout Spain.

At these centres we offer:

  • Individual and family guidance.
  • Psychiatric and psychological diagnosis.
  • Individual, group and family treatments.
  • Coordination and networking  with the healthcare, educational, social and community facilities in the area.
  • Research and teaching.

We have 7 Child/Youth Mental Health Centres (CSMIJs) and 3 day hospitals throughout Spain in the following locations: