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School Learning Disorders

We work in coordination with the school so that children with learning difficulties can develop their full potential.

In the School Learning Disorders Unit (UTAE) at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital we offer evaluation, diagnosis and personalised solutions for children and adolescents with cognitive and behavioural difficulties that affect learning. It is a private unit, whose services are not covered by the National Public Health System. The UTAE works specifically in the healthcare field, but also in teaching and research.


Learning Disorders

These are specific neurological dysfunctions that result in a lack of ability for one or more learning areas in children with normal intelligence. In the UTAE, we offer comprehensive treatment in collaboration with the school.

Acquired Brain Damage (ABD)

Its sequelae in childhood present different characteristics to those of adults, since children still have a long period of school learning ahead of them, and ABD can affect their memory, learning ability or behaviour.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD is a developmental disorder that involves difficulties in the areas of reciprocal social communication, repetitive behavior and / or restricted interests and that can present from intellectual disability to high capacities.

Affective and Behavioral Disorders

The difficulties presented by children and adolescents with these disorders often affect their social, emotional, academic and family sphere. It is important to make an early diagnosis to ensure the emotional well-being of the child.

Sleep disorders

It is common for children with neurodevelopmental learning or behavioural disorders to have sleep disorders, which must be diagnosed to ensure that other treatments can achieve maximum benefit.

We offer these servicies also in English - Nous offrons ces services également en Français.

Learning difficulties are the focus of our activity

The care we provide in the UTAE is aimed at those affected by learning difficulties due to a neurodevelopmental problem (dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, SLI, ASD, etc.) or derived from Acquired Brain Damage (ABD).

Working with the school is essential

Our team works in coordination with the child’s teachers to ensure the most appropriate intervention in each case. The goal is to ensure each child or adolescent can develop to their fullest potential.

School Learning Disorders Unit (UTAE)

Entença, 154, 08015 Barcelona
+34 93 600 97 63
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